Signature Levels

What Does It Mean to be a DWS Artist Member?

Signature Artist membership is a valuable credential that gives additional importance to your stature as an artist. Artists who have achieved signature-level status may include the Delaware Watercolor Society’s initials after their signatures. This is a widely recognized, significant honor offered in most major art organizations. It denotes the highest level of artistic proficiency within DWS.

Signature Artist membership is a prized achievement that is earned only when an individual can produce a body of work that clearly demonstrates a high level of consistency in originality, creativity, applied theoretical knowledge, compositional skills, and technical competency in using transparent watercolor.


The Jury process occurs each year in April and October.


Associate members and non-members with a minimum of three years of experience painting in the watercolor medium who are able to show proof of selection into three (3) Fine Art Juried Exhibitions within the last five (5) years are eligible to apply for Signature Artist status in the Delaware Watercolor Society.

Proof of selection into prior juried exhibitions can be in the form of exhibition programs or a signed document from the sponsoring organization. It should be noted that a painting that has appeared in multiple juried shows can only be counted once. A different painting must have been selected in each of the three juried exhibitions. Documentation of each exhibition in which a painting was selected must include: the name and location of the exhibition, the juror’s name and credentials, the show sponsor, show dates, and name of artist and the title(s) his/her associated entries. A show program can serve as proof of participation. Open, non-juried and judged shows will not be considered in meeting this requirement.

Number of Applicants

There is no limit on number of applicants who may participate in each jury session. There is no limit on the number of applicants who may be accepted during each jury session.

Submission Process

Each applicant will submit:

  • Four (4) original artworks utilizing watermedia completed within the last five (5) years. Each painting must be the artist’s original concept developed by the submitting artist. Artwork produced using any photo references other than your own, or produced in workshop or class, is inadmissible. No digitally created artwork may be submitted for consideration.
  • Artwork submissions may only be in the form of a digital image of the original art.
  • Artist bio/resume.
  • Proof of participation in three (3) juried exhibitions within the past (5) five years.
  • Payment of an entry fee of $25.00 per jury.
  • All required Application material.

Requirements for Maintaining Artist Member Signature Status

  • Signature Artist members must enter at least one DWS Juried show per year.
  • Upon selection, Signature Artist members must maintain uninterrupted membership status. Failure to do so will result in loss of the signature status. Any loss of this status requires reinstatement by reapplying for Signature Artist membership through the jury process.

Benefits of Artist Member Signature Status

  • The right to identify themselves as Artist members by using DWS initials after their name when signing artwork, in any publications and in personal /public announcements and publicity.
  • Entry into Signature events restricted to Artist members.