DWS Offers a three-tiered paid membership of Associate, Signature and Student members.

Membership shall be open to all individuals 18 years of age, regardless of residence.

            A. A Signature Artist Member is one in good standing under these Bylaws, with an active and paid membership and whose work has met the current jury standards for Signature Status and has been awarded the privilege to sign DWS after his/her name.  Signature Artist members are voting members and may hold committee/team and chairperson responsibilities and may be elected to the Board of Directors. To retain Signature Artist Member status, the member must also remain active by exhibiting with the society at least once a year.  

Click here for Signature Artist Member Application

            B.  An Associate Member may join DWS by completing an application and paying annual dues.  Associate members may participate in DWS educational activities, attend general meetings, exhibitions, workshops, and receive all Corporation communications.  Associate members are voting members of the Corporation and may hold committee/team and chairperson responsibilities and may be elected to the Board of Directors, except for the position of President, whose incumbent must be a Signature Artist Member.     

            C.  Student Member may be artists, non-artists, or friends of the organization between the ages of 18 and 25 and must present a current student identification card upon membership application or renewal.  Student members receive all publications of DWS and discounts on classes and exhibition entry fees.  They may not vote or be on the Board of Directors.  Student member annual dues are fifty percent (50%) less than paid by the general membership.  

Two additional opportunities are available:        

            Honorary Members are individuals or renowned artists who have made a significant contribution to DWS and who are proposed and approved by the Board of Directors for complimentary membership.  Honorary members have no voting privileges.   

            Patron Members are individuals who have been award donors or contributors to the general fund of the
DWS, but who are not necessarily painters., but supportive of DWS and its activities. Patron members have no
voting privileges.

Membership Dues

As of 2023, membership dues will be payable annually based on the anniversary date you join DWS. Those who have been members prior to 2023 will have an anniversary date of January 1. After 90 days non-renewals will be removed from membership.

Benefits of Membership

  • Newsletter
  • Periodic artist demos on Zoom
  • Access to Workshops and Exhibitions
  • Member Profile Page
  • Opportunity to become a Signature member
BLUE HERON by Kathleen Cropper Image10.5x14 Framed 17x21 $350