Signature Member Show at The Peninsula Gallery 2023

The Peninsula Gallery welcomes back the prestigious Delaware Watercolor Society for a jury expedition from September 2 through September 30. The juried exhibition comprises 37 artworks from the society’s Signature Members showcasing a range of artistic talents and skills. DWS congratulates the award winners:

 First Place- Kitchen Sink by Christine Heyse

( The award was sponsored by Steve and Wendy Leddy)

Second Place-Sunset Palm by Isabel Pizzolato

Third Place-Summer Storm in the Harbor by Joan Judge

Merit Award-Winter Sunset at Gordon’s Pond by Anne Crown Cyr 

Merit Award-Tilghman’s Twilight by Doris Ingram

Merit Award-Good Morning Sunshine by Charlotte Hughes

The Delaware Watercolor Society would like to thank The Peninsula Gallery for this opportunity to display our artwork in a distinguished setting. We would also like to thank Steve and Wendy Leddy for the generous sponsorship of the First Place award. In addition, we would like to thank the volunteers who’s attention to detail in the planning ,preparing, and communicating with the gallery; Joan Fabbri, Marjorie Wuestner, Pat Hoey, and Charlotte Hughes.

'Surf Fishin' Sunrise' by Charlotte Hughes (13x18)$700.

'Good Morning Sunshine' by Charlotte Hughes(10.25x14.25)$700.

'Sailor's Delight' by Charlotte Hughes (14x18)$700.

'Pilotown Dawn' by Doris Ingram (12x16)$550.

'Tilghman Twilight' by Doris Ingram (12x16)$550.

'Marsh Silhouette' by Doris ingram (12x16)$600.

'Stormy Marsh Sunset' by Ruth Ann Kaufman (21x9.5)$425.

'Ocean Sunset' by Kym Bellerose (9x12)$525.

'Fishing Pals at Sunrise' by Jane McElvey Coonce (14x21)$650.

'Fishermen of Lewes' by Jane McElvey Coonce (10x13.5)$295.

'Docked' by Christine Heyse (15x11)$375SOLD

'6 a.m.' by Christine Heyse (15x11)$375.

'Kitchen Sink' by Christine Heyse (8.5x8.5)$375.

'Sunset on the Bay' by Ruth Ann Kaufman (10x14)$550.

'West O.C.' by Brad Hastings (10..5x14.25)$650.

'West O.C. 2" by Brad Hastings (7.5x11.3)$500.

'Key West Sunset Sail' by Brad Hastings (8x10)$450.

'Winter Sunset at Gordon's Pond' by Anne Crown Cyr (11.75x15.75)$550

'Path at Sundown' by Anne Crown Cyr (8x10.75)$525.

'Sailor's Delight' by Wendy Leddy (21.5x13.75)$900.

'The Sun's Fiery Kiss' by Wendy Leddy(16x21)$850.

'Hawaiian Sunset' by Cynthia Strouse (16x12)$475.

'St. Thomas Sunset' by Cynthia Strouse (16x12)$475.

'Misty Morning' by Cynthia Strouse (16x12)$475.

'Summer Storm in the Harbor' by Joan Judge (14x21)$380.

'Early Beacon on the Breakwater' by Joan Judge (4x21)$400.

"All Quiet on the East End' by Joan Judge (14x11)$180.SOLD

'Mystic Drawbridge" by Isabel Pizzolato (14.5x19)$600.

'Sunset Palm' by 'Isabel Pizzolato (15x19)$600.

'Sunset on Sylvan Acres Road' by Isabel Pizzolato (14x10)$450.

'Sunset on Route 1' by Winifred Way (7x9) $500.

'Daybreak over Harbor of Refuge' by Joan Fabbri(14x21)$895.

'Feelin Beachy' by Joan Fabbri (21.5x14.75)$695

'Sussurration' by Joan Fabbri (11.5x16) $595.

'Red Sky Morning...Sailors' Warning by Marjorie Wuestner (14x21.5)$895.

'Jeep Life' by Kym Bellerose (12x9)$525.

'Kitchen Sink' by Christine Heyse (8.5x8.5)$375.
'Kitchen Sink' by Christine Heyse (8.5x8.5)$375.