Nassau Valley Vineyards and Winery May 2023

1st Place-Cafe Monet by Christine Heyse

2nd Place-Farm Fresh by Isabel Pizzolato

3rd Place-Dave by Winnifred Way

Merit Awards: Garden Peony- Sarah Bernhardt by Anne Crown-Cyr,  Blue Heron by Kathleen Cropper, and Winery Welcome by Joan Fabbri

Juror and Awards Judge, Ellen Elmes,  is acclaimed for  her unique collage style blend of symbolic imagery and flowing naturalism. A watercolor artist, muralist, author of a memoir An Appalachian Labyrinth: Painting to the Center and retired community college teacher, Elmes has enjoyed decades of creative exploration with her husband Don from atop Jewel Ridge in the Appalachian Mountains of Southwest Virginia.

Ellen has commented on her choices of awards “the paintings I’ve chosen for top awards are good examples of dual exceptionalism. Cafe Monet pulls the viewer in with its form and embracement of warmth and a jazzy melody of shape and color. The painting’s content continues to invite with imagined conversation and timely post-Covid togetherness. All are welcome to delight in this watercolor!
Farm Fresh charms the viewer in a different way winging us back to the Dutch masters of still life with classical style of form, a Vermeer-like intrigue with the beauty of texture and pattern. Most impressive is the artist’s ability to fashion the intricate basketry design and the absolute “egg-ness” of their subjects in the watercolor medium.
In the portrait of Dave there is an expression of character in his face that goes deeper than a likeness, inviting the viewer to remember this man without having met him. The form of this painting adds additional insight into the subject. The complement of cool swirled, soft shapes against the warm facial colors suggest an active life, weathered and perhaps struggling, yet ruddered by optimism suggested in a smile.”

GARDEN PEONY-SARAH BERNHART by Anne Crowne Cyr Image 15.5x13.25 Framed 22x19 $485

WHAT REMAINS, RUINS, OLD BEAUFORT CHURCH SC by Anne Crowne Cyr Image 16.25x10.25 Framed 23x17 $575

DELMAR GRAIN by Brad Hastings 'image Image 12x20 Framed 18x26 $700

TREASURY OF COLOR by Joan JudgeImage 21x14 Framed 31x25 $350

EASTERN SHORE by Joan Judge Image 14x21 Framed 25x31 $350

CAFE MONET by Christine Heyse Image 15x11 Framed 20x16 $375

LEWES ANTIQUES by Christine Heyse Image 22x15 Framed 28x22 $750

SIMPLE TREASURES by Charlotte Hughes Image 10.5x13.5 Framed 16x20 $500

MAJESTIC MANSION-BALTIMORE by Cindy Strouse Image 14x11 Framed 23x19 $400

WHITE PETUNIAS by Daphne Blaker Image 12x16 Framed 18x22 $300

THE MODEL by Daphne Blaker Image 12x16 Framed 18x22 $300

SCURRY, SCURRY by Ellen Lawlor Image 14.5x10.5 Framed 20x16 $375

TREE HOUSE by Frank WilliamsImage 21.25x28.75 Framed 30x37.25 $2075

DORMAN FARM by Frank Williams Image 18.5x24 Framed 28x33.5 SOLD

DANCE OF THE DASIES by Isabel Pizzolato Image 10x14.5 Framed 28x22.5 SOLD

FARM FRESH by Isabel PizzolatoImage 13.5x18 Framed 21.5x26.25 $400

AT THE GARDEN CENTER by Joan Applebaum Image 14x11 Framed 20x16 $400

BY THE WINDOW by Joan ApplebaumImage 14x11 Framed 20x16 $400

WINERY WELCOME by Joan Fabbri Image 19x23 $400

SUNNY WITH A CHANCE OF BLUEBIRDS by Joan Fabbri Image 11.75x15.5 Framed 18.5x22.5 $400

PUMPKIN DISPLAY by Judy Olsen Image 14.5x10.5 Framed 19.5x15.5 $375

OYSTERS ON THE HALF SHELL by Jane Coonce Image 7x10 Framed 11x14 $295

POWER by Kym Bellerose Image16x20 Framed 22x26 $850

BLUE HERON by Kathleen Cropper Image10.5x14 Framed 17x21 $350

THE PARADE by Melissa McLean Image 20x14 Framed 30x24 $420

CITY NIGHT by Mitzi Harp Image 10x7 Framed 14x11 $295

LOVES TO CLIMB by Marjorie Wuestner Image11.5x15.5 Framed 17.5x22.5 $625

TIME TO ENJOY! by Marjorie Wuestner Image 10.5x13 Framed 16.5x19 $625

FARMER'S MARKET by Kym Bellerose Image 9x12 Framed 15x18 $550

TURTLES OF WAKADAHATCHEE WETLANDS by Phyllis Zwarych Image 20x16 Framed 23x19 $450

LET'S PAINT by Pat HoeyImage 10.5x14.5 Framed 16x20 $400

MOSCOVY DUCK FARM by Phyllis Zwarych IMAGE 14X11 FRAMEDN 17.5X14.5 $350

SUNSET PADDLE by Ruth Ann Kaufman image 14x10 Framed 22x18 $350

A VIEW TO REMEMBER by Wendy Leddy image

IS IT SPRING YET? by Wendy Leddy Image 9.5x11 Framed 18x16.5 $400

DAVE by Winifred Way image 10x15 Framed 15x20 $1000

BOWERS BEACH SOUTH END by Winifred Way Image 7X16 Framed 17x24 $1800

BUSY by Melissa McLean Image 11.5x30 Framed 16x40 $420

CAFE MONET by Christine Heyse Image 15x11 Framed 20x16 $375
CAFE MONET by Christine Heyse Image 15x11 Framed 20x16 $375