Biggs Museum of American Art Fall 2022

Selected paintings and awards were chosen by awards judge Alexis Levine, a signature member of NWS, WHS, TWSA, and presented at the opening reception by DWS President Marjorie Wuestner on October 2022.

DWS wishes to thank and recognize the Baltimore Watercolor Society and the Potomac Valley Watercolorists for their generosity with funding awards for this exhibition.

First Place, Winifred Way – “Working at Spencer’s Auction”Baltimore Watercolor Society Award $300

Second Place, Joan Judge – “Daisy Chain” Potomac Valley Watercolorists Award $200

Third Place, Brad Hastings – “Semaphore Morning 

Merit Award, Anna Bellenger – “Child’s Play #1-Marble Maze

Merit Award, Isabel Pizzolato – “Time Keepers

Merit Award, Catherine Walls – “Fantastic Noise at the Lay Bug Music Fest

Morning Marsh-Kym Bellerose 425.

Fantastic Noise at the LadybugMusic Fest-Catherine Wall- NFS

Motherhood-Charlotte Hughes-325.

By Isabel Pizzolato DWS Merit Award Image 12" x 15" Framed 20" x 23"

Daisy Chain-Joan Judge-200.

Meadow-Larry Kamlot-600.

Due Date Out Walking-Winifred Way-800.

Colorado Mountain Columbine-Joan Judge-350.

Hanging Icicles-Nancy Mysak-595.

CJ-Isabel Pizzolato-350.

Headlights-Brad Hastings-600.

Semaphore Morning-Brad Hastings-500.

Horses at Assateague Island-Robert Dowler-625.

One Girl's Buoys-Nancy Mysak-595.

Silk Dancer-Mark Kaufman-550.

Remember September in the Rain-Anna Bellenger-2000.

Working at Spencer's Auction-Winifred Way-800.

Wind-Mitzi Harp-295.

Warm Hands on a Chilly Morning-Wendy Leddy-550.

Tim's Aloha Stand-Mark Kaufman-550.

Tableau-Larry Kamlot-350.

St. Francis Diner-Catherine Walls-900.

Red Hot-Melissa McLean-525.

Porch Light-Christine Heyse-750.

Peonies-Paige Ruby-450.

Otters-Ruth Ann Kaufman-400.

Contemplating Life-Joan Fabbri-695.

Concert in the Cathedral-Jane Coonce-750.

Circles-Paige Ruby-500.

Beach Babes-Cindy Strouse-300.

AtticAjar-Frank Williams-1200.

Wild Blue Yonder-Christine Heyse-750.

“Child's Play #1 Marble Maze”-Anna Bellenger-2000.

Fantastic Noise at the LadybugMusic Fest-Catherine Wall- NFS
Fantastic Noise at the LadybugMusic Fest-Catherine Wall- NFS