Art League of Ocean City Exhibition 2023

Delaware Watercolor Society juried fine arts exhibition held November 1-26, 2023. Hosted by The Art League of Ocean City.

DWS congratulates the award winners:
First Place: A Recipe for Artichokes by Isabel Pizzolato
Sponsored by the Baltimore Watercolor Society
Second Place:  Shaman Tree by Cindy Johnston
Sponsored by the Potomac Valley Watercolorists
Third Place: Pumpkin Party by Kathleen Cropper
Merit Award: Passages 8-The Million Dollar Staircase by Joan Fabbri
Merit Award:Before the Storm by Brad Hastings
Merit Award: Pearscape by Marjorie Wuestner

Juror’s Comments:
     Leslie Lambert gave the following comments about the award winners. She felt the …subtle graduations of color and the control of washes of the precision in brushwork contributed to the overall excellence of  Isabel Pizzolato’s A Recipe for Artichokes. Leslie thought the Shaman Tree by Cindy Johnston was a …captivating watercolor, that skillfully transported the viewer to a tranquil and magical island beach, the artist masterful technique of creating fluidity and transparency and distinct visions shine through creating a smooth and visually engaging composition . With the third place winner, Pumpkin Party by Kathleen Cropper, Leslie cited the …color scheme was striking and harmonious as the juxtaposition of the white and orange against the green foliage creates contrast. This painting serves as a wonderful representation of the beauty of Autumn. Merit Award winner, Pearscape by Marjorie Wuestner…caught my attention…The deep oranges and reds for the pears create a striking image against the dark background. In the watercolor, Passages 8-The Million Dollar Staircase by Joan Fabbri, Leslie states the painting is…visually captivating….demonstrating skill and a keen eye for architectural nuances. When viewing Before the Storm by Brad Hastings Judge Leslie Lambert remarks …by keeping the grays clean and clear, the artist has achieved a striking and harmonious composition. 

     The Delaware Watercolor Society would like to thank the Art League of Ocean City for providing this opportunity to display our art in their beautiful, Thaler Gallery. In addition , appreciation goes to the volunteers, whose tireless attention to detail has helped to make this exhibition possible by preparing the prospectus, communicating with the juror, receiving and hanging the artwork, and preparing the certificates and awards. We thank you:
Nancy Mysak, Ruth Ann Kaufman, Marjorie Wuestner, Pat Hoey, Charlotte Hughes, and Joan Fabbri,  Exhibition Director.



'Übung Macht den Meister-Practice is What Makes Better' by Patty Derrick 11x15 $300

'Guardian Dear' by Anne Crown Cyr 11x14 $650

'Before the Storm' by Brad Hastings 8x13.5 $500

'Tranquility Sail' by Brad Hastings 10x13.75 SOLD

'Magic Beach Motel' by Christine Heyse 15x11 $375

'A Recipe for Artichokes' by Isabel Pizzolato 15.5x11 $400

'Boats and Ladders' by Isabel Pizzolato 16x13 $400

'Holding the Moon' by Joan Applebaum 11x7 $250

'Shell We?' by Melissa McLean 21x13 $430

'Pup Parade' by Melissa McLean 15x11 $280

'Pearscape' by Marjorie Wuestner 8x11.25 $500

'Summer Storm' by Joan Judge 21x14 $400

'1924 Cape Henelopen Lighthouse' by Patricia Derrick 11x15 $300

'Dog Walk' by Christine Heyse 8x10 $375

‘Pumpkin Party’ by Kathleen Cropper 9.75x13.5 $450

Shaman Tree by Cindy Johnston 17x20.5 $1200

'Symphony of Colors' by Wendy Leddy 19.5x14.5 $800

'Turtle and Friends' by Cindy Johnston 16x.5x12.5 $1200

'Bad Hair Day' by Joan Fabbri 9x12.5 $350

'The Wind and the Waves' by Joan Judge 11x15 $300

'Passages 8-The Million Dollar Staircase' by Joan Fabbri 18x25 $2500

'Special Delivery' by Joan Applebaum 14x11 $400

'Early Winter Sunset' by Nancy Mysak 18x12 $450

'Flapping Flamingo-Galapagos' by Cynthia Strouse 10x13 $450

'Photobombing Alapaca' by Cynthia Strouse 12x16 $525

'Safe with Poppa' by Charlotte Hughes 10x19 $400

'Blue Flag' by Ellen Lawler 9x13 $315

'Time for Tea' by Charlotte Hughes 17.5x12.5 $500

'Osmosis Fantacy' by Majorie Wuestner 9 3/8x13 1/4 $495

'A Recipe for Artichokes' by Isabel Pizzolato 15.5x11 $400
'A Recipe for Artichokes' by Isabel Pizzolato 15.5x11 $400