Professional growth as an artist takes more than just hours with a brush in your hand.  Learning how exhibitions are put together, developing programs to share knowledge and discoveries with fellow artists and the newly interested are all part of making you a better artist. 

Our Team approach to achieving our current and future DWS goals is vital to the success of our Society.   As a participating member, you will choose the Team on which you would like to serve.   Please note that each team has different staffing needs and sign up for any team is on a first come, first serve basis.  We ask that you concentrate on one team rather than selecting more than one team.  This will help to insure that you won’t have scheduling conflicts when more than one team is active at the same time.  As a participating member you will now be responsible for, and in control of recording your service hours worked on behalf of DWS.  

The form is simple and should be easy for you to fill in each time you work on your team. (click here for form)  When you participate in DWS special events, you will receive credit for those hours as well.  You are required to provide only 12 hours of service each year.  Each time you work and gain service hours you will obtain a signature from your Team Leader.  At the end of the year, you will submit your completed Volunteer Form at the time you renew your membership in December.  

Forms are available at 2nd Tuesday Meetings and are also online as a PDF document you can download.  Please note that team leaders are not required to document their hours since their duties will require more than 12 hours annually.

The designated teams are as follows:  If you have any questions, please contact your Team Leader or Beth. at phone numbers listed below.

2ND TUESDAY TEAM:  Members of this team are responsible for the set-up and clean-up of the community room at all 2nd Tuesday meetings.  It is the responsibility of this Team to set up and staff the front Reception Desk in the lobby.  This team is under the direction of
Margie Wuestner.  
Unlimited members may apply.

COMMUNICATIONS TEAM:  Members of this team help with photographing DWS events, keeping records of media placements and published articles, placing routine event announcements and ads in local publications/media outlets, and researching topics for newsletter.

EXHIBITION TEAM: Members of this team receive artwork at shows, assist in hanging shows, taking down the art and managing the handing back of show entries.  DWS normally produces three shows each year.  Your attendance is expected for these shows. This Team is under the direction of Don Blow.    
Unlimited members may apply.

HOSPITALITY TEAM:   Members of this team plan and manage food services, restock supplies, set up, remove and clean up at DWS events including, but not limited to show receptions, special events, 2nd Tuesday meetings and workshops.  This team is under the direction of Sandee Duncan.  Unlimited members may apply.

OUTREACH TEAM:  Members of this team plan and work on special projects, programs and events created to provide assistance to special needs groups and generate interest in DWS through recruitment events.  This team is under the direction of Beth Collard. 
Unlimited members may apply.

SECRETARIAL/ COMPUTER/MEMBERSHIP TEAM:  Members of this team assist in the creation and distribution of correspondence: mailings, flyers, birthday acknowledgement, get well cards, condolences.  It will also develop mail merge systems etc.  This team is under the direction of Lynn Brittingham. 
This team is limited to 4 members.

WORKSHOP TEAM: Members of this team manage the registration process, record keeping, and workshop operations. This team is under the direction of Isabel Pizzolato. 
This team is limited 2 members.

Contact information for TEAM Leaders can be found in the Members section of this website.